Labelling Requirements

Just like any food and drink product there are strict requirements for labelling of tea products and it can be a minefield getting it right.  

Here we detail several things to consider including if you are looking to export.

This guide should not be taken as definitive advice as to labelling contents.  It is your responsibility to make sure your labelling meets legal requirements. Always consult your local authority for guidance on specific requirements.

Pre Packed Tea

If you are packing tea down into amounts for retail or wholesale, you will need to provide full information on the product on its label. This includes things like the following:


Allergen information

Your company details

Country of origin

Accreditation and licensing, for example an Organic License


Nutritional information 

We go over many of these areas in more detail, so take a look around for specific requirements.

Labelling goods for export is more complex, as you must comply with the rules and regulations of another country as well as this one. Some regulations, either intentionally or as a side-effect, present a significant barrier to trade and require some work to meet. Other requirements are simply an unavoidable consequence of trading internationally, for example providing ingredients lists in a language your customers will understand.

Weighed out tea

Labelling requirements are less strict when you are selling goods that you make or pack in front of a customer in your retail outlet. You have no need to state weights or list ingredients on the packaging, although it is still very advisable that you make sure your customer is aware of what they are buying and how much of it they are paying for. Allergen information is particularly important, and you should always make sure that your customers are made aware of any and all allergens or potential sources of contamination.

Similarly, certifications still apply if you are packing in front of a customer from goods supplied by a licensed supplier. If you are supplying a certified product and either pack from the original packaging in front of the customer or list your supplier on the packaging, you can continue to use the certification mark even if you do not have independent certification for your business. Otherwise, any repacking is done at the cost of losing the certifications you do not have independently.