Pyramid Teabags

We offer pyramid teabags as an option for service. These are a good way to bring a better tea option into a situation where there is very limited space or time available, offering speed, convenience and easy storage for a range of tea options.

This convenience does come at a trade-off, though. For one thing, the materials are a form of plastic. Most teabags, including ours, are now made from a polylactic acid material which is biodegradable to an extent, but it has so far proven impossible to engineer a completely plastic-free sealed teabag.

As well as being less than ideal from an environmental perspective, teabags are also not ideal for the tea itself. Mainly the issue is that full leaf teas often have to be broken up to fit into the bag, with a resulting effect on quality. There is also simply the loss of the theatre in presenting loose leaf tea that creates a sense of occasion that can't be matched by a teabag option. 

Even so, there are some circumstances where loose leaf tea simply isn't practical but where you still need to offer a range of good quality options. Our range of pyramid teabags is selected to deliver quality choices that work well within the limitations of the form.