Loose Tea or Teabags

Depending on the type of establishment you are running, we want to be able to cater to your particular tea needs. Below are some things to consider when choosing between teabags, or loose leaf.

We are happy to offer teabags as part of our service, if you wanted to go down this route there are some initial outlays that need to be considered.

  • There are minimum order runs of 1000 bags per tea, with a price break at 10,000 bags.
  • Tags come at a minimum order of 50,000. There are a couple of options to consider here. We can offer generic tags, or you can send us your own designs. You could have a tag for each type of tea (meaning 50,000 per tea) or create your own generic tag to be spread across all the bags.

The benefits of teabags are ease of service, and storage – after initial outlays teabags can prove a quick and convenient option.

Loose leaf tea has its own benefits, with none of the initial outlay. Our loose leaf teas come straight off the shelf in 1kg amounts, with price breaks for multiple kilos and original sacks.

Using loose leaf at your establishment means you can control the size of a serving, servings can be scaled up or down depending on the size of pots you are using. You'll also get to know how each tea infuses more closely.

You'll be able to serve your teas in more ways, for example Gongfu would not be possible using teabags. Essentially, there is more scope with loose leaf.