Tea Storage

When serving tea in your establishment it is really important that it is kept as fresh as possible so that your customers experience the best flavours every time they visit.

The trade off is between having an attractive display and the ability of your customers to see and smell the teas and keeping the teas fresh. 

It is very common to see catering outlets using glass jars to store and display teas.  The main drawback to this is that exposure to light drastically effects the freshness of tea.   It is also important that tea is kept as air tight as possible as exposure to air makes the tea go stale very quickly.  

We suggest you use a hermetically sealed opaque tea caddy but if you really want to use glass or clear plastic, then it is important that you keep it away from exposure to light.

It is also worth considering having a separate customer display utilising smaller jars or test tubes that can have the tea refreshed frequently where the customers can see and smell the teas without affecting your main serving stock.

Lastly, your tea should be kept away from moisture, heat and strong smells so storing your tea caddies above your coffee machine is not a good idea.