As well as a great range of teas and infusions to serve, you are going to need something to serve them in. Whether it is a workhorse teapot that can deal with a broad range of different teas or something special, getting the teaware right is vital for making a good tea and for supporting any business in tea.


The generic teapot is a glazed ceramic in a range of different styles to suit a range of different looks and feels. These teapots are ideal as a general all-rounder that can be used to prepare essentially any tea, but are best for making the classic teas from India, the breakfast blends, Assams, Darjeelings and so on.


A glass teapot, especially a heat-treated one, can be as durable and hardwearing as a ceramic option. They can be used for any infusion, but are best for cases where the temperature doesn't need to be as high, and for when there is a visual element to the presentation.

Green and white teas that work better at lower temperatures often benefit from the ability of a glass teapot to cool down more quickly. In addition, anything with a floral element, whether it be a herbal infusion or a blend that includes flowers, will look great in a glass pot as the petals unfurl and twist in the pot.

Something Special

It won't be necessary for every business, but sometimes there are things that you will want for a particular presentation or theme. Whether it be side-handled Kyusu teapots ideal for preparing Japanese senchas, Yixing style pots for a Chinese Gongfu tea presentation or perhaps a matcha set for the traditional powdered green tea, we can help with a special something for a unique case.